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Appetizer all´italiana at La Traviata



We want you to enjoy the Traviata experience, and that is why we have created an Italian appetizer.

With its hundreds of herbs, its digestive properties and its Mediterranean essence, the Italian cocktails are back in fashion.

On Tuesday we started with the Kir Royal cocktail made with a glass of Cassis and a cava brut nature.

The Spritz Aperol will be the protagonist of Wednesdays, made with cava brut nature, Aperol and Soda Royal bliss. But also the Campari Splitz cava brut nature, Campari and Soda Royal bliss will make you vibrate.

Vermouth is one of the drinks that are more fashionable today and in La Traviata we don't want to be less, so you can enjoy a glass of Martini tonic, made with white Martini and Nordic tonic, on Thursday.

It's digestive and relieves stomach pains, has beneficial properties for health, improves character and clears the mind ... all these properties are characteristics of gin, and we want you to try them with the Gin & Gin glass of ginger Ginger Ale and lemon juice, every Friday.

The price is €5.

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